Season 19 generally

Audio problem: In the extended Season 19 version of "Engine Roll Call," Henry's whistle sound is out of place as it can be heard during Emily's part of the song. Also, Henry is not mentioned in the Season 22 version of the song, but his whistle sound can still be heard.


31st Jul 2019

Breaking Bad (2008)

Dead Freight - S5-E5

Audio problem: The engine's horn sound constantly changes before the train is robbed. And when the train begins to move again, a railroad crossing bell is heard, even though the crossing ahead just has crossbucks.


Thomas and the Trucks - S1-E6

Audio problem: In the 1992 "Thomas Gets Tricked" VHS release, the music stops and a man's voice says, "Look out for the train!" when Thomas climbs up Gordon's Hill. The voice can still be heard in the 1995 release, but the music does not stop.


Edward the Great - S8-E14

Audio problem: At the beginning, Henry has Gordon's whistle sound. And when Spencer's driver rings the bell after stopping at the countryside, the bell is heard, but cannot be seen.


Rosie's Funfair Special - S12-E3

Audio problem: In the US version, Stepney says "Oh my!", but he doesn't sound shocked and his mouth doesn't match the words. In both US and UK versions: he blows his whistle multiple times, but it only emits steam once, and it sounds like Thomas' at a slightly higher pitch.


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