Trivia: The sound used for the boulder chasing Indiana Jones is actually a Honda Civic coasting along a gravel road.


22nd Mar 2016

Wii Sports Resort

Trivia: In Island Flyover, whenever you are flying over the Hillside Cabins, turn up your volume and you may hear Super Mario Bros. Music coming from one of the cabins (You can also hear it if you cut off the engine using "B"). Nintendo made both Wii Sports Resort and Super Mario Bros.


25th May 2015

Full House (1987)

Trivia: Every car license plate (including the NPC cars on driving on the road, and the cars that you can drive) has the same license #, NEED4SPD.


21st Apr 2015

Turbo (2013)

13th Apr 2015

The Middle (2009)

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