19th Sep 2017

One Day at a Time (1975)

Chosen answer: The firm had landed the "Texas Tiller" account and had decorated the office to make the people from Texas feel "at home". They felt that in addition to the Texas state flag and horns on the wall that a confederate flag was in order too (since Texas did join the Confederacy).


Continuity mistake: When Sam and the others are walking in the rain toward the library, they are carrying backpacks or duffel bags, but when they reach the steps they are not carrying any extra baggage.


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Suggested correction: The bags were slowing them down, so they probably just abandoned them in the street.

2nd Nov 2015

Law & Order (1990)

Married with Children - S14-E13

Character mistake: The "grandmother" says at first her husband was reluctant to accept the adopted grandchild of the lesbian couple, then says he took one look into those big blue eyes. The child has brown eyes throughout the entire episode.


Contract - S7-E12

Trivia: In season 7, episode 6, actress Christine Mayfield's first movie was called Canned Heat. In several scenes, the movie poster is featured as framed art on the wall. Later in this same season in this episode, this same movie poster can be seen on the wall of a screenwriter while Logan and Wheeler interview him about the murder they are investigating.


Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Taylor goes down into the hole where the house was he wades through water almost up to his neck. When he returns to the ladder, his shirt is only damp in spots and only slightly above the waist. His jeans do not appear wet at all.


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