10th Dec 2011

Jurassic Park III (2001)

Corrected entry: When Grant and the others enter the compound of the destroyed facility, you can see the pick-up truck that Ian Malcolm had locked himself into, during The Lost World, to avoid the raptor attack. Notice the window with the hole in it.


Correction: Actually, the facility in the second movie is different to this one, in the second movie they are at a communications/workers compound. In this movie they are at an embryonics facility.

Corrected entry: When Ian returns to the trailer to contact the boat, he is not wearing his jacket. He is still not wearing the jacket when he takes Kelly to the "high hide" or during the chaos of the trailers going over the cliff. But when the group start their trek through the forest, he is seen wearing the jacket during the rain storm and after that, the jacket is gone completely for the rest of the film.


Correction: He actually isn't wearing the jacket at all. He was wearing a collared shirt over another shirt under the jacket when he arrived on the island. When he took it off in the trailer, that's the last time he is seen wearing the jacket. If you watch closely during the rainstorm, you can see his belt buckle shine and you'll see his collared shirt is tucked into his pants, but he isn't wearing a jacket.

13th Nov 2012

The Avengers (2012)

Corrected entry: Throughout the film each hero had been addressed by their respective codename at least once, with the exception of Natasha Romanov. She is either called Agent Romanov, Natasha or 'Nat'; never 'Black Widow'.


Correction: The Russian calls her "Black Widow" in the introductory scene, just a few minutes into the movie.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Roy starts collecting supplies to start his sculpture, he throws things through the kitchen window, breaking it. After he's done, he uses a ladder to climb through the same window, which he then slam shut behind him. It went from closed and broken to fixed and opened within a matter of frames.


Correction: This has already been submitted and corrected. The window over the sink is already open when Roy starts throwing shrubbery inside. It is a vase sitting by the window that falls and shatters.

JC Fernandez

29th Mar 2012

Paul (2011)

Correction: This isn't so much trivia as an homage to the scene in Close Encounters as an inside joke. The whole movie references many different science fiction movies.


Corrected entry: At the beginning when the little girl is being attacked by the Compy's, she is at the shoreline. When Ian and Hammond are talking, Hammond states that the carnivores are territorial and reside in the innermost areas of the island, so Ian's team will be safe on the outer-rim. So why were Compy's on the beach if they live in the middle of the island?


Correction: They are referring to the large carnivores who are presumably game hunters. So although the compy's are technically carnivores they are basically just scavangers.


28th Feb 2012

Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Corrected entry: When Lady Van Tassel has been revealed as the one controlling the Horseman, she explains to Katrina that she killed the servant girl to fake her own death and then later goes on to explain that now she had to Kill Katrina because only then would she get her revenge and inherit everything from the Van Tassel family fortune. But, if Lady Van Tassel is already presumed dead, how can she inherit anything, without it exposing her as the culprit?


Correction: She presumably expects that she could talk her way out of it. For example, she could claim that the servant girl was dishonest, stole one of her dresses and was then killed by the Horseman who mistook her for Lady Van Tassel because she was wearing the dress. She could claim that she took refuge elsewhere out of fear for her life, only returning once the killings stopped. With nobody to dispute her claims, she would likely get away with it and be able to claim the fortune.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After the survivors take a break from their trek through the forest, Jeff Goldblum gets up to walk and starts limping on his left leg. This is before the group of four falls down the muddy hill and has to deal with the raptors. He also seems to randomly limp during the final run with the baby Rex to the cargo ship.


Correction: Ian Malcolm's leg was seriously injured in the first film. Depending on the extent of the injury, he may not normally show it until it gets aggravated from time to time, like having to run or walk long distances or jump from the high hide.

JC Fernandez

10th Dec 2011

Jurassic Park (1993)

Corrected entry: After Ian Malcolm is attacked by the T-Rex and thrown into the debris of the destroyed bathroom, he has blood on his face. When Sattler and Muldoon find him, the blood is gone, not a trace left! And it had stopped raining at this point, note Malcolm's dry clothes and the blood still on his leg, there's no way it could've been rinsed away.


Correction: Plenty of time had passed between these two events. A big storm had come and gone. I recall that Nedry got absolutely soaked. Besides Malcolm had time to put his belt around the wound on his leg. He had plenty of time to wipe the blood off by himself.


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