Corrected entry: When a fight breaks out in the Wyoming restaurant, there are a number of sailors shown in summer whites. There are no naval bases in that state, and military personnel on leave would not be wearing their uniforms.

stevewaclo Premium member

Correction: I don't believe the movie says where in Wyoming the bar is, but the navy has a depot in Cheyenne, Wyoming where uniformed sailors could be present. There is also one in Salt Lake City, and given the laws in Utah regarding alcohol, it is conceivable they could take an after-work road trip across the state line for some fun (about 80 miles from Salt Lake City to Wyoming).


Corrected entry: Graeme and Clive are both British, yet Graeme uses the American pronunciation of the word "router" even though he used the British pronunciation of the word "schedule" only moments before.


Correction: Just because he is British doesn't mean he talks exactly like most Brits all the time with ever word. He's a nerd/geek, and came to America with his buddy for Comic Con even. It's not at all inconceivable that through watching TV or hanging out with other Americans from time to time he picked up on some of the American speech patterns. Remember the actor, Simon Pegg is in fact British, so it's likely the way he really talks. The pronunciation was natural.

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Corrected entry: When they steal the firework to act as a signal, the display was playing the same 5 tones used to communicate with the aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Correction: This isn't so much trivia as an homage to the scene in Close Encounters as an inside joke. The whole movie references many different science fiction movies.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie in the scene where Paul's spaceship is taking off, there are three unexplained people standing behind and to the left of the shot.

Correction: Can you be more specific as to which exact shot you're talking about, as there are several shots which feature the three gunmen from Sigourney Weaver's helicopter. Are those the "unexplained people" you're referring to?

Corrected entry: In one scene towards the end of the movie Nick Frost goes to pull out his "Vampire" sword and it breaks at the handle. In the very next scene he has the sword on his back with the handle intact inside the hilt.


Correction: The blade broke but there were still a few inches of it attached to the hilt. He just put that section back in to the scabbard.


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