terry s

Mayberry R.F.D. - S8-E30

Corrected entry: The train that brings Sam Jones' relatives in is a Union Pacific train. Union Pacific never operated east of Chicago so they wouldn't have been in North Carolina.

terry s

Correction: Locomotives of foreign railroads can operate anywhere. For instance, a Union Pacific locomotive could easily end up on a route for the old Coastal Railway, or the BNSF or Norfolk Southern. I have actually myself seen a train in Georgia operating with 8 locomotives from 8 different companies on CSX track. So this is really not an error per se. A Union Pacific Locomotive could easily have operated there. I was a conductor for 5 years.

Quiet Sam - S1-E29

Corrected entry: Andy delivers a baby at a farmer's house. While still at the house at the end of the show, he tells everyone the baby is 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Bathroom scales aren't accurate enough for that weight and they didn't have electronic scales at that time. How could he know the exact weight?

terry s

Correction: How did they know my exactly weight when I was born in 1965? There are accurate scales readily available without having to be electronic.


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