13th Jun 2007

Ocean's Thirteen (2007)

Corrected entry: SPOILER ALERT: The NGC official turns out to be Linus' father. Why, then, does the plan involve his arrest of Livingston Dell and require a last-minute, frenzied attempt to stop Bank from checking Dell's fingerprints and finding out his known associates? This chain of events is superfluous to the plot and only creates problems, so why is it there, other than to facilitate Basher's impersonation of the motorcyclist?

Correction: Dell had to be exposed as a criminal because, if you remember, Linus's father said that Dell had rigged the current shuffle machines and other equipment. Then Banks orders new machines to be brought in. In walks The Roman with the new machines, which are *actually* rigged. The price of bringing in the actual machines are that Dell is fingerprinted, and that leads to the frantic image altering.

Additionally, Dell set up this part of the plan on his own. He is not exactly a master criminal. He did not want Rusty and Danny to know he couldn't handle it, so he set it up without them knowing. All was fine, except Dell didn't know that Bank could run fingerprints on location.


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