Ocean's Thirteen

Corrected entry: During the riots at the Mexican factory the blond guy throws a Molotov cocktail. In the next shot a car is shown burning. But it is so far from where he threw it that he could not possibly have thrown it that far.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The Molotov cocktail thrown by the blonde guy is not the same as the one that lights the car. The car was already on fire (you can tell by how far the car is already burnt). You can see some guards with a fire extinguisher putting out a fire, likely from the Molotov that was just thrown.

Corrected entry: Rusty drops a trick quarter for the Five Diamond reviewer to use at the slot machines in the airport. However, McCarran airport slot machines have stopped receiving quarters for years.

Jedd Jong

Correction: It isn't a trick quarter. The machine is faked by the timing of the tokens. McCarran machines still take tokens, don't they?

Corrected entry: In the scene where the first whale is leaving the Bank and Willie is pleading for him to stay, the whale says, "I'm outta here" as the trunk opens and his luggage goes into it. The scene view changes slightly as Willie turns and the car is suddenly gone. Unlikely, as the trunk was just opening and the valet was loading it. Willie is still reacting to the scene, so it is not a matter of shortening the scene for time saving.

Correction: The conversation between Willie and the whale had concluded and the video skipped up a few seconds to after the car had left, where his phone rang. Notice how everyone walking around the area had changed as well. Even the car in the background jumped up a few feet allowing another car to come into frame.


Corrected entry: Only two people had access to the diamond viewing room, Bank and Sponder, but the FBI had no problem getting in.

Correction: The audience is never shown how Sponder accesses the diamond viewing room. In her drugged state, she could've left the door open or unlocked without noticing her own carelessness. Also, Linus and his father (the fake FBI agent) already had the details of the "arrest" planned out, so it's reasonable to conclude that Linus made sure the door was left unlocked so his father could get in.


Corrected entry: Wouldn't Bank have noticed that the motorcyclist who burst into his office (Basher) was obviously not the same ethnicity as the motorcyclist he met initially? There's a scene toward the middle of the movie where Bank is telling the real motorcyclist (a white guy) that he needs to perform the jump "at midnight", not "roundabout midnight", so we know Bank did in fact meet and talk to him. Sure, Bank meets a lot of people every day, but I'm sure he'd remember that the motorcyclist he hired to perform at the grand opening gala is white, not black - especially since he seemed to know quite a bit about the sport in his encounter with Basher when he rattled off a list of several well-known motorcyclists.

Correction: The scene this comment refers to is the comment Bank states that the "jump must happen at midnight" and comments that the rider is white. Neither of those men was the actual rider, they were merely talking about the rider.

Corrected entry: The replaced shuffling machines were rigged, but they had no way to trigger them at the precise time the greco went down.

Correction: The shufflers were triggered by the ultrasonic pulse triggers Danny's crew were carrying (i.e. those lighter-looking things they used to manipulate the dice, roulette balls, and shufflers).

Corrected entry: It's hard to believe that some of the rigged machines made it all the way to McCarran Airport, especially since that location had nothing to do with the overall plot. When Rusty sits down at the machine next to the AAA 5 Diamond Award critic, he puts a coin in using the same sequence as the one that triggered the machines in Bank's casino. It was obviously intended to show the audience that Rusty knew the machine was rigged, especially since he told the critic that the machine had been "paying out".

Correction: This situation is specifically addressed when Turk says he doesn't like the idea of effectively torturing the critic as part of their plan. Saul tells him that there's always "collateral damage" and that at least the critic gets the "Susan B Anthony" at the airport, with a direct reference to ten million dollars as a reward. The team specifically arranged for the machine at McCarron to be rigged so that they could covertly provide the critic with a huge win to make up for the hell that they've put him through.

Corrected entry: When Rusty triggers the first slot machine he is given instructions over the phone. The voice is obviously Livingston. Livingston, however, has been previously arrested and therefore unable to make such a call.

Correction: Livingston was arrested by the fake agent (Linus' father) so he could have made the call.

Corrected entry: Danny and Rusty walk down the strip and eventually stop in front of the Bellagio as they talk about Rueben and what he means to them. For the entire scene, you don't see one other person walking on the strip besides the two of them. I've gone to Las Vegas enough to know that no matter what time of day or night it is, there are ALWAYS people walking around the Las Vegas strip, particularly in a busy area like the Bellagio.

Correction: My friends and I have walked in front of the Bellagio at night with absolutely no one else there. It may happen once in a while, and late night, but it's entirely possible.


Corrected entry: SPOILER ALERT: The NGC official turns out to be Linus' father. Why, then, does the plan involve his arrest of Livingston Dell and require a last-minute, frenzied attempt to stop Bank from checking Dell's fingerprints and finding out his known associates? This chain of events is superfluous to the plot and only creates problems, so why is it there, other than to facilitate Basher's impersonation of the motorcyclist?

Correction: Dell had to be exposed as a criminal because, if you remember, Linus's father said that Dell had rigged the current shuffle machines and other equipment. Then Banks orders new machines to be brought in. In walks The Roman with the new machines, which are *actually* rigged. The price of bringing in the actual machines are that Dell is fingerprinted, and that leads to the frantic image altering.

Additionally, Dell set up this part of the plan on his own. He is not exactly a master criminal. He did not want Rusty and Danny to know he couldn't handle it, so he set it up without them knowing. All was fine, except Dell didn't know that Bank could run fingerprints on location.


Corrected entry: Danny and Rusty mention the Flamingo, the Sands, and the Desert Inn which were three of the five casinos robbed in the 1960 version of "Ocean's 11." The other two aren't mentioned because they still exist and the characters were only mentioning how the strip had changed.

Correction: This is not entirely true, the Flamingo still exists to this day, I stayed there myself recently.

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