Il Duce

Continuity mistake: In the runaway horse scene at the vineyard, Steve's saddle has a horn on it when he's galloping after her to save her. Then the horn is missing once he actually pulls her onto his horse in order to accommodate them both in the saddle. In the next scene they are headed back to the vineyard and now the saddle on the same horse has a horn on it since it's only Mary riding it and Steve is walking beside it holding the reins now. (00:50:00)

Il Duce

3rd May 2016

Kuffs (1991)

Continuity mistake: Kuffs is shot in the abdomen and shows the bullet wound to be just above the waist line of his pants in the cab, but a few scenes later there is a montage of him getting ready for his dinner with Maya and Kuffs is dancing around with no shirt on revealing that there is no bullet wound. At the end of the montage Kuffs lays down on the bed and the bullet wound is back.

Il Duce

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