Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Tuff: Kirby's in trouble.
Tiff: That monster knows every trick in the book.
Meta Knight: You mean in the cookbook.

King Dedede: That's trash you're talkin', Kabu! Ain't no such person as Kirby.
Escargoon: That's right! You're full of Kabu-loney.
Kabu: Kabu can see the future.
King Dedede: Then why don't you predict what's gonna happen when I push this here button?
Kabu: I predict you will not push it.
King Dedede: Well, I predict you're dead wrong.

King Dedede: There's a word for this here stuff, and it ain't "food".

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Question: Why is the only word that Kirby can say through the entire show is "Poyo"? And is there any relation to the Spanish word "pollo" of the same pronunciation that means chicken?

Quantom X Premium member

Chosen answer: No it has nothing to do with the Spanish word pollo. Kirby is saying that because he is young, just a baby.

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