All Superheroes Must Die

Continuity mistake: Cutthroat awakes and finds a guy tied up in a chair. After talking for a moment, a sound and light show up behind Cutthroat and he turns around. The side of his face is lit up when he does. It cuts to a different angle and now his face is not lit up. (00:03:30)

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Continuity mistake: Charge gets to the laundry mat first, and sees a TV on. He sets his map down in front of it, and the close up of the map shows the TV is suddenly off. (00:07:25)

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Revealing mistake: There is a large rip on the side of Charge's mask. It is supposed to be that his mask has been ripped. But you can tell that the mask was designed to look like it was torn, the effects of sewing are obvious.

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