All Superheroes Must Die

Continuity mistake: While Charge is hunting down Rickshaw, he does a lot of stuff in a long time. Goes through guards, climbs steps, and then has a conversation with dying Rickshaw. The entire time, Shadow is standing in front of a TV with a countdown going down from 90 seconds. The time on her TV would have gone down to 0 several times over by then. it is on 30 seconds when Charge walks in on Rickshaw. Yet he is confronting the villain for over 2 minutes. Then cuts back to Shadow and it still shows 2 seconds on the TV.

01:08:00 - 01:11:35

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Continuity mistake: During the flashback after Cutthroat is killed where Charge and Cutthroat are talking in the car, the positions of Cutthroat's face, head and hand keep changing constantly every time the shot cuts or changes.


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Continuity mistake: In round 3, there is a pistol and a shotgun on the table. The shotgun on the left, the pistol on the right. But in a few shots, that is reversed.


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Continuity mistake: Charge gets to the laundry mat first, and sees a TV on. He sets his map down in front of it, and the close up of the map shows the TV is suddenly off.


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Continuity mistake: Cutthroat awakes and finds a guy tied up in a chair. After talking for a moment, a sound and light show up behind Cutthroat and he turns around. The side of his face is lit up when he does. It cuts to a different angle and now his face is not lit up.


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