Missing in Action III

Continuity mistake: After Chuck Norris throws away the pimp during the initial evacuation of the embassy, the man pulls out a gun and shoots Chuck Norris from behind. The bullet hits him in the right shoulder but at the next moment - seen from his front - the wound is on his left side.

Visible crew/equipment: Near the ending when Braddock and the kids are about to escape and Braddock is killing off the rest soldiers in the camp, an explosion goes off by him which causes him to fly into the air and get injured. When he flies in the air, if you look at his feet you will see a chute/trampoline that launches him in the air.

Mik: Vietnam - I never thought I'd be coming back - I guess we never really CAN leave, can we?

Col. James Braddock: Walk or crawl, we're gonna make it.

Littlejohn: Braddock! I'm warning you, don't step on any toes.
Col. James Braddock: I don't step on toes, Littlejohn, I step on necks.

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