Rabbit of Seville

Rabbit of Seville (1950)

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Continuity mistake: When Elmer Fudd is hit by the sandbag during the raising chairs sequence, he drops back down to the barber's shop and his gun falls next to his chair. But when Bugs Bunny picks up Elmer and takes him to the revolving door, the gun has disappeared.

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Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny picks up the bottle of Hair Tonic, the colour of the bottle is initially red but then changes to lilac in the next shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Bugs Bunny gives Elmer Fudd a wedding ring, Elmer is holding a box containing a bride's dress and a bouquet of flowers. At this point, you can see there is a cannon behind Elmer, but when he returns dressed as a bride, the cannon disappears.

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Trivia: Bugs' line of "Eh, next!" at the very end of the cartoon is the only spoken line of dialogue. The rest of both his and Elmer Fudd's lines are all sung.

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Trivia: At the beginning of the cartoon, we see a poster for the "Barber of Seville". On the poster, there are three names featured: Eduardo Selzeri, Michele Maltese and Carlo Jonzi. These are Italianised names of Eddie Selzer (producer), Michael Maltese (writer) and Chuck Jones (director).

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Trivia: When we see Bugs massaging Elmer's head in time to the piano melody, his hands are drawn with five digits instead of the usual four, to match the hand of a piano player.

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