Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Asian gang is ramming Porter with their car, when they hit him the windshield gets smashed. When they all get back in their car and drive off the windshield is fine.


Continuity mistake: After Porter leaves the house of Fairfax, a cab pulls up with Stegman in it. When the cab pulls up the windows are all clear. In the next scene when Porter opens the cab door the windows are all frosted over.


Factual error: Porter cuts the fuel line on the car but in reality, fuel lines are mostly steel except for a few joints which are only a few inches long. There would be no rubber tube long enough to be cut as shown in the film.


Sol Parker

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Trivia: The tagline for this film, "Get ready to root for the bad guy," was changed for the Australian release to "Get ready to cheer for the bad guy" after Mel Gibson pointed out the other meaning of the word "root" in Australian slang (to have sex) to the producers.

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