Corrected entry: In the scene where Porter is supposed to collect the money from Val, Val calls Pearl, who is whipping a client, to set up a double-cross. But seconds later, she's with the gang as they attack Porter!

Correction: Having now seen the film, I must disagree - when Val called Pearl they were setting up a double cross for a bit later on, not right then, so it's believable that she'd be there when it actually took place.

Corrected entry: After Porter is releases from the Asian gang and the "bad" cops show up. They have a discussion with Porter and make reference to an earlier scene in the movie where Porter had cut Stegman's front office thug in the ear. The "bad cop however makes reference to the thugs nose being cut instead.

Correction: They are referring to the kid whose nose ring was ripped out by Porter. They weren't talking about Stegman's guard.

Corrected entry: Mel's character has a large tattoo on his arm. In the photograph of Mel with a hooker (a key piece of the film), Mel's tattoo is on the opposite arm.

Correction: The photo is taken into a mirror, hence the reversal of the arm.

Corrected entry: Since when do fluids flow uphill? In the scene where Mel blows up the car with bad guys, you can see in some shots the petrol that had flown out of the car on the street is is flowing towards Mel, although he is standing higher than the car.

Correction: He doesn't stand higher than the car. The camera angle makes it look that way.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Porter drives the big, black Cadillac that he was locked in the trunk in to pick-up Rose. When they drive away it's a totally different car.

Correction: It is made quite apparent in the movie that Mel Gibson's character simply switches cars. He drives up in the Cadillac but is seen getting into the passenger side of the other car.

Corrected entry: After Mel Gibson's toes are smashed with a hammer, he proceeds to drive across town, seemingly in no pain whatsoever.

Correction: We've seen Porter endure much more than that, he's simply able to endure the pain or not show it hurts.


Corrected entry: Porter has a black mouthpiece to protect his teeth during the 'hit' on the Chows. Immediately after the crash, he is shown climbing out of the wrecked car with no mouthpiece, yet he is never shown removing it.

Correction: It wouldn't take any time to spit out the mouthpiece during, or immediately after the accident, whether on purpose or not.

Corrected entry: When Mel rams the Chinese guy's car in the beginning, the roll cage in the Nova can be seen many times.


Correction: Yes, there is a roll cage. But they are also wearing the type of seatbelts mostly found in customized sports cars, plus, Mel puts in that little gadget to protect his teeth. It can be assumed that Mel and his partner put in the seat belts and the roll cage so they would have an advantage in the crash.

Corrected entry: When Porter carries the dog into the apartment and lays him next to the bed, there is at least one shot of the dog without a bandage around his middle - when in all other shots he does.

Correction: There is one shot where it looks like there is no bandage, but look closer and you will see it's there.


Corrected entry: After Mel and co drive head on into the Asians and get the money, Kris runs around the back of the car, but in the next shot from the drivers side, Kris comes to the passenger door from the front.

Correction: He doesn't run around the back of the car. He jumps over the hood and comes straight to the passenger door.


Corrected entry: When the Triads kill the cabbie and the big thug with the bandage on his ear, Porter holds a body up against the window to protect his self. There is no possible way that when automatic weapons are being shot from no more than 10 feet away that none of the bullets would go through the body and hit Porter.


Correction: Depending on the caliber, the bullet type, the muzzle velocity you couls easily fire dozens of times at a body and not have any rounds go through.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Asian gang is ramming Porter with their car, when they hit him the windshield gets smashed. When they all get back in their car and drive off the windshield is fine. (00:47:15 - 00:48:35)

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Stegman: You know what, Val, this one's on me. OK?
Val Resnick: Do you see me reaching for my fucking wallet?

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Trivia: The tagline for this film, "Get ready to root for the bad guy," was changed for the Australian release to "Get ready to cheer for the bad guy" after Mel Gibson pointed out the other meaning of the word "root" in Australian slang (to have sex) to the producers.

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