The Odd Couple

The New Car - S4-E6

Audio problem: When Felix and Oscar are driving around looking for a parking space, Oscar says "let's sell the car." Felix then begins talking but no audio is heard, then an overdub of him saying "Are you crazy?" which doesn't match his lips.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening credits of the first season of The Odd Couple, Felix is moving in "with his childhood friend", Oscar. In a subsequent season, a storyline does a flashback to say that Felix and Oscar met when they were both jurors at a trial. Soon after, they cut the word "childhood" on most of the openings after people called the station to mention the mistake.

The New Car - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: The odd couple lived at 1049 Park Ave. But in this episode they say they live at 74th and Central Park West.

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Trivia: Oscar's wife Blanche was played by Brett Somers, Klugman's own wife.


Trivia: Although Jane Dulo plays Jack Klugman's mother, she was only five years his senior.

New this month Trivia: One of the very few shows to start with a laugh track then go with a live audience later.


Felix Unger: Everyone thinks I'm a hypochondriac. It makes me sick.

Felix Unger: Everything you've ever owned is on that bed.

Oscar Madison: You ruined my wine.
Felix Unger: Here's a dollar. Buy another three bottles.

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