The Red Baron

Factual error: Although correctly addressed as "captain" towards the end of the film, Richthofen continues to wear the rank insignia of an oberleutnant (lieutenant).


Factual error: Roy Brown describes himself as a captain in the Royal Canadian Flying Corps and wears a British Army uniform. In actual fact Brown was a flight commander in the Royal Naval Air Service and would have worn Royal Navy uniform.


Factual error: Lanoe Hawker is depicted with a beard. As a British Army officer this would be forbidden. Hawker actually only had a moustache.


Emperor Wilhelm: We need men like him. I supposed we'll have to give you another promotion, Richthofen. You are a real hero. I take it the ladies are all over you.
Manfred von Richthofen: There aren't many ladies at 10,000 feet, your Majesty.

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