The Private Eyes

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, the Butler and Groomsman load a Sarcophagus in the back of their station wagon. The tail gate is left open and both step back as the vehicle pulls out. As they are driving off down the driveway the tail gate is closed.


Continuity mistake: When the pair fall out of the chimney, Mr Uwatsum, lined up on screen left, has his left hand gripping the hilt of his sword. Switch to Phylis entering, his hands are by his side.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the work crew is getting introduced (after the inspectors fall down the chimney) Hilda the maid already has Tim Conway's business card in her bosom before he gives it to her.

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Mr. Uwatsum: How about a nice bowl of fish eyes?
Inspector Winship: Will you pardon me, please?
Mr. Uwatsum: Ah... Do you like hummingbird cookies?
Dr. Tart: ...No, thank you.

Doll voice: Listen up dummies. The help is all gone, the house is bare. Now you know, a shadow is there. There's one left to die, then my job'll be done. I like killing people, it's a lotta kicks.

Inspector Winship: This isn't one of your better inventions. Who ever heard of a gun that went off every hour?
Dr. Tart: Might save your life someday.
Inspector Winship: Yeah, if you have to shoot someone every hour.

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