The Wrecking Crew

Revealing mistake: When Matt and Freya are attacking the compound, at one point he goes outside and throws a "hanky panky" grenade at what looks like a garage door. He throws himself over a hedge and a moment later the grenade explodes. When he is getting up, the "ground" is obviously a cushion covered with fake grass.

Mark Bernhard

Continuity mistake: During the long car chase and later when Yu-Rang and the other baddies are in the cars chasing after Matt and Freya, their cars' rear-view mirrors keep vanishing and reappearing, between closeups and wide shots. Additionally, during some closeups of Matt and Freya the car's windshield is gone to provide a better view of them.

Super Grover Premium member

Revealing mistake: After Freya and Matt escape from Contini's chateau and are flying in Matt's chopper, we can see the shadow of their chopper being cast on the ground below, but the problem is that Matt's chopper looks nothing like that helicopter's shadow.

Super Grover Premium member

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