The Wrecking Crew

Continuity mistake: When Freya and Matt escape from Contini's chateau and board Matt's chopper, Freya is wearing white flats with short black heels, but after the chopper lands atop the trailer on Contini's train Freya's shoes are completely flat.

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Visible crew/equipment: During the long car chase, after Freya tells Matt that he's an awful driver Matt makes a sharp right turn and the car chasing them stops short, and when they back the car up we can see the reflection of a crew member wearing a hat (perhaps the cameraman) on the car window.

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Continuity mistake: When Matt and Freya are in the car chase, the driver's side of Matt's car is badly damaged. After escaping their pursuers, they drive off (in the same car) and return to Copenhagen. When Matt pulls into town, the side of the car is intact again.

Mark Bernhard
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