Battle: Los Angeles

Factual error: Upon hearing that the bombs will drop in 3 hours time on Santa Monica, one marine sets the countdown timer on his watch for 3 hours and starts it. The watch is a Casio G-shock GW-9000 Mudman. This particular watch only has a 1-hour countdown timer. (00:24:15)

Audio problem: Near the start of the movie, the Marines are out training and are approached by a group of Hum Vees that are to take them away because of the impending battle. The engine noise from the Hum Vees however is totally wrong, and is distinctively from a Willys Jeep.


Continuity mistake: During the final shootout, there is a shot of Nantz firing his handgun. A few shots later, Nantz pulls out his handgun and begins firing.

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Corpsman Jibril Adukwu: Shit, I'd rather be in Afghanistan.

Cpl. Kevin Harris: Santos, you okay?
TSgt. Elena Santos: Yeah. I got that nasty stuff all over my mouth, man.
Cpl. Kevin Harris: Ha ha ha ha.
TSgt. Elena Santos: It's not funny.
Cpl. Kevin Harris: Ha. You let him do you on the first date.

SSgt. Michael Nantz: We are not dying here, Lockett!

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