Battle: Los Angeles

Corrected entry: As Nantz takes cover behind a car at the gas station, a billboard for Resistance 3 is seen in the background, showing a release date of "Holiday 2010." However, the story of Battle LA takes place in mid-August 2011. Also, Resistance 3 is slated to release in early September 2011.


Correction: The film was shot in late 2009 with the game release date 'tentatively' shown for the following year. Yes the film is set in 2011 however old game/movie posters can still exist on billboards. There is a billboard down the road from me that has a (depleted) movie poster for the movie Armageddon which was released in 1997. I can list numerous games that were not released on the initial release date.


Corrected entry: The aliens are attacking Earth because it's the only planet with water in a liquid state. In other words, the aliens are capable of interstellar travel but aren't smart enough to melt a block of ice from somewhere else.

Correction: They use the water as fuel. Melting the ice would require fuel. See the dilemma? Besides, perhaps they ARE mining ice elsewhere. But they learn of Earth, and it's ready supply of liquid water, and decide the opportunity is too good to pass up.

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when the soldiers are using the laser targeting device, they often show the back to the prop to reveal all the audio inputs on the back of it, showing that it is just a video projector painted black.

Correction: It has a scope and a numerical keypad entry pad at the back as well. I've never seen a projector that has these. AND it wasn't black, it was camouflage green.


Corrected entry: When the team goes into the sewer system to locate the alien command and control center, it is night and very dark. When they emerge a short time later, it is a bright and sunny day.


Correction: That's how it's supposed to be. You have to take in mind that they have been fighting all night, and that the creators of the movie couldn't possibly put in the real amount of time the team was in the sewers. So when they emerge from the sewers, the audience is supposed to imply the jump in time.

Corrected entry: The man and his son are watching TV. The man covers his son's face so he will not see the dead bodies. There is a whole city full of dead bodies outside.

Correction: I can't see why this would be a mistake. I try to protect my son from seeing certain disturbing things but I know I can't protect him from seeing it every time.


Corrected entry: In the scene where they laser target the alien ship, why didn't didn't they just use a HARM (High Speed Anti Radiation) missile to start with? Who packed the ground laser targeting device?

Correction: Why a person did or did not do is such an open ended question and cannot be listed as a mistake. Here's another one. Why didn't they just drop a nuke on all sites? They were pretty much losing every city. Why not nuke it? Its not like the aliens have force fields like in say, Independence Day (ID4).


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