The General

Continuity mistake: When Annabelle is helping Johnny fill the locomotive water tank, the water spout comes loose and Annabelle gets soaked. A few seconds later, her hair and clothes are completely dry again. (Later, in her memoirs, Marion Mack said she was not told this would happen and it was a complete surprise to her!). (00:51:00)


Factual error: Keaton's "General" locomotive is numbered '3' in the film, and the "Texas" is numbered '5'. The Western and Atlantic Railroad, like other railroads throughout the southeastern US, had only given its engines names, not numbers. The railroad began numbering its engines after the war, giving the General and the Texas the numbers '39' and '49', respectively. The General was renumbered 3 in 1880, at the time being the third oldest engine on the roster. The Texas was renumbered 12 at this time, then 212 in 1890, never carrying the number 5.


Factual error: The Texas engine's cab is noticeably rounded and appears riveted in close-up shots, indicating a steel cab of an 1890's vintage engine, rather than a wooden cab found on engines before and during the war.

More mistakes in The General

Title: After a nice, quiet, refreshing night's rest.

Annabelle Lee: Why didn't you enlist?
Johnnie Gray: They wouldn't take me.
Annabelle Lee: Please don't lie - I don't want you to speak to me again until you are in uniform.

Annabelle Lee: Did Johnnie enlist?
Annabelle's brother: He didn't even get in line.
Mr. Lee: He's a disgrace to the South.

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