The Invention of Lying

Visible crew/equipment: The crew is reflected on the motorcycle-cop helmet when Mark says "He is not drunk".

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Continuity mistake: When the bank teller counts out the $800 near the start, from her point of view the bills are all in a very neat pile, but from the other angle they're slightly splayed out.

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Jon Sandys

Continuity mistake: When Ricky Gervais drives home to the big crowd outside his house, he unbuckles his seat belt and it slides up and along the inside of the car door. In the next shot when he opens the car door, we can see that he's coming out of a different car, with no seat belt visible inside the door.


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Anna McDoogles: I was just masturbating.
Mark Bellison: That... Makes me think of your vagina.

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Question: I know everybody tells the truth, but why does everyone say what they are thinking? If you don't say what you are thinking it doesn't mean you are lying.

Chosen answer: It's an imaginary world with its own logic. You could theorize that people were raised this way. Also, you could imagine that since they have to say bad things to answer most questions, why not say bad things all the time, i.e. if your wife asks if you like her dress, you have to say you hate it, so why wait to be asked.Really, the film makers did it because it's funny. If you made a movie where people only spoke when they had something nice to say, it would be very boring.


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