Sorority Row
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Continuity mistake: After Megan dies, for real, Jessica tells the others that they loved Megan and Megan loved them. Her robe opens and closes between alternate shots.


Continuity mistake: When the killer kills Joanne in the shower, the blade in which he impales her through the chin with changes.


Continuity mistake: When the killer first tries to kill Chugs, he pushes the bottle a bit down her throat. Then he pushes it down more, only showing a bit of the label and the end of the bottle coming out of her mouth. But in the next few shots when Chugs is trying to scream and pull it out, the position of the bottle changes from being all the way down her throat, to the position the killer first put it in.

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Mrs. Crenshaw: You stay the fuck away from my girls.

Jessica: I'm gonna deal with you later.
Maggie: You might wanna deal with that hair first, because it looks like shit.

Jessica: Cassidy, my room. Theta toast. Now.
Cassidy: You seen Andy?
Jessica: Hoes before bros.

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