Stone of Destiny

Revealing mistake: The raid took place at Xmas in 1951. In homage to this fact, the characters wear big coats and one of them even rubs his hands together and goes "Brrr." Yet the movie was filmed in the height of summer. Trees in the background of scenes in London are full of leaves, we never see any mist in exhaled breath and the lighting levels and shadows indicate a high, bright sun.

Oscar Bravo

Factual error: As the cars travel over 1950s Westminster bridge, the modern red route lines can be seen on the road.

Ian Hamilton: On that day I heard the voice of Scotland speak as loudly as it did in 1320. As long as a hundred of us remain alive, we shall never give in to the domination of the English. We fight not for glory, not for wealth, nor honors, but only and alone for freedom, which no good man surrenders but with his life.

Police Officer CID: This road leads you out of London. Take it.

Ian Hamilton: What does your father think of you being involved in all this?
Kay Matheson: I don't know. His boat was gunned down in the war.
Ian Hamilton: I'm sorry to hear that.
Kay Matheson: Aye, me too.

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