The Beast of War

Deliberate mistake: As the Soviet tank starts rolling, the tank commander obviously uses a hidden step to mount the tank. Soviet T-55/T-62 type tanks did not have steps for mounting by the wheels and axles; to mount a rolling tank using the moving wheels or spinning axles would result in the mounter being immediately crushed and killed.

Kaminski: I need a woman.
Golikov: Maybe you'll find another sheep.
Kaminski: Maybe I will.

Taj: You said you could destroy the tank in one shot.
Moustafa: Maybe it was not the will of Allah.
Taj: Maybe you are just a bad shot.

Daskal: Get back in the tank.
Kaminski: What for?
Daskal: Because I said so.
Golikov: We're going home, sir.
Daskal: Yeah. In the tank.
Kaminski: Why can't we go home in the fucking helicopter?
Daskal: Because you're tankers.

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