The Gamers: Dorkness Rising

Visible crew/equipment: When Brother Silence/Cass leaves the house after finishing the campaign at the end of the movie, he opens the front door to leave and there is a glass door/screen there outside the house. For a second you can see a crew member holding the boom mike in the reflection of the glass door. (01:28:10)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Daphne is talking to the peasant farmer after leaving the King, Luster casts "Flaming Hand of Fiery Doom". Daphne blinks a few times and has a shocked look on her face, but has no other indications that a person exploded in front of her. In the next shot, Luster comes up and pulls "a piece of peasant" off Daphne's cheek that wasn't there before.


Brother Silence: As if killing the bard impresses us.

Daphne: You raised our dinner from the dead.

Luster (male): If this is about that farmer, I totally thought he was a demon.

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