Scavenger Hunt

Visible crew/equipment: When Stuart Selsome unloads the safe and rolls it on the dolly towards his pen, the shadow of a boom mic can be seen on the grass. (01:10:05)


Charles Bernstein: I'm Charles Bernstein. Attorney for the late Milton Parker.
Marvin Dummitz: You mean someone else is late now?

Babbette: Montclair! Montclair! They have killed Montclair.
Jenkins: There, there, Babbette, we will get you another toilet.

Mildred Cruthers: Why that worm! What's he trying to prove? Georgie and I are his legitimate heirs. Why should we have to play some dumb game just to get what's rightfully ours? I'm going to contest this will.
Charles Bernstein: That's the point, Mrs. Cruthers. This will is a contest.

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