The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Factual error: At the end we see a soldier replacing the canister that the Zyklon B is kept in. However, he is not wearing an SS badge as all SS soldiers did. Zyklon B was only handled by members of the SS, as no other unit had authorisation to carry the sensitive stuff. (01:28:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Pavel picks up the tire from the outhouse, it is a thin tyre with vertical lines, when Bruno is swinging on the tyre a few shots later, it is a thick tyre with lines both vertical and horizontal.

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Continuity mistake: When Bruno is caught going into the front yard, he closes the gate. Camera cuts and it is open again. (00:48:10)

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Trivia: In the scenes inside the camp, the boys were both meant to be barefoot. However the actor who played Bruno's parents vetoed it, and thus the boys were allowed to wear shoes.

Mother: No Ralph No, not that... That isn't war.
Father: The fatherland we all desire cannot be achieved without work such as this.
Mother: Don't touch me.

Bruno: Dad's a good man.
Gretel: Of course he is.

Bruno: He used to be a doctor once, but gave it all up to peel potatoes.

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