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Factual error: When Hope is driving the pickup in the car chase, she yanks the parking brake, causing a tank of propane to fly out the tailgate and into the car that is chasing her. This is completely impossible. The tank would have slid in the other direction (forward) and slammed into the back of the cab when she slowed down. (00:38:10)

Continuity mistake: In the scene at Santa Monica Pier, at the restaurant, there are a few continuity errors.When Hope shows her boyfriend the fixed laptop, water levels change in the glasses.At around 00:09:00, the waitress takes the menu from the guy in the leather jacket behind Hope.When the waitress comes to Hope and her boyfriend to take their order and on the close up of Hope, when she says, "I've decided what I want.", approximately 5 seconds later, the guy in the back has his menu again.Then when the waitress says, "I'll come back." The menu is gone again.

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