Fool's Gold

Factual error: After the boat has blown up and sunk, Ben swims over to it and checks it out, very little to anything is even a little charred, with that big of an explosion everything would be burnt, and black.


Continuity mistake: After the divorce has been made final and Tess and Ben are outside, you can see that Ben's shirt has gotten considerably dryer than in the pervious shot without a reasonable amount of time for it to have done so.


Factual error: Toward the end when the speedboats steer toward Ben, if you look at his hair you can see that part of it is dry even though he just came up from under the water.

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Tess Finnegan: Your uselessness is epic.

Moe Fitch: Well, well, well. If it isn't the Ukrainian sidekick.
Alfonz: I don't think of myself that way. I am the lead character in my own story.

Tess' Attorney: Florida didn't ruin your life, you did. You married the guy for sex, then expected him to be smart.

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