This Is England

Visible crew/equipment: When the leader of the national front is giving his speech, just as it focuses on his glasses you can see a boom microphone reflected in them.


Factual error: The movie is set in 1983, but small satellite dishes seen attached to homes were only available around 1989 when Sky was introduced, and the even smaller sizes visible on some homes did not exist until many years later.


Lol: Beautiful? I was sixteen and pissed, it wasn't beautiful.

Smell: You might look about four, but you kiss like a fourty year old.

Shaun: I just wondered if you'd like to be my girlfriend. I think you're lovely.

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Question: Why does Milky smile before Combo beats him up?


Chosen answer: I believe he may think that Combo is just joking with him in a way that he was earlier in the film when he talks about him being black.


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