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This Is England (2006)

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Combo approaches Milky to buy some drugs for a night in, and invites him back to the flat to see Shaun, Banjo and the others. After an evening of smoking, Milky tells Combo about his family and how well they all get on. Combo, under the influence of drugs and remembering how his own father mistreated him, begins to get angry and starts racially abusing Milky. He then flips out and starts attacking him on the bed. In his rage he attacks Banjo and kicks Shaun out of the flat. Shaun at then seen at home in bed, talking to his Mother about his Dad and how much he misses him. His mum also promises that Milky is going to be ok (although it isn't clear if this is just to keep Shaun happy). The final scene shows Shaun throwing Combo's gift of the St George's flag into the sea, disowning the lifestyle he had so longed to be a part of. The fate of everyone else in the film is left unknown.

Factual error: The movie is set in 1983, but small satellite dishes seen attached to homes were only available around 1989 when Sky was introduced, and the even smaller sizes visible on some homes did not exist until many years later.


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Lol: Beautiful? I was sixteen and pissed, it wasn't beautiful.

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Chosen answer: I believe he may think that Combo is just joking with him in a way that he was earlier in the film when he talks about him being black.


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