Cannibal Holocaust

Revealing mistake: The cannibals kill Faye, and then decapitate her. Then one of the natives lifts her head up, only to let the wig slide off of the fake head, and reveal a yellow foam head underneath.

Trivia: The director, and several other crew members were arrested after the film premiered, because authorities believed that the footage in the film was real, and that the actors were really dead. The director eventually had to present the actors to police to clear his name, and had to demonstrate how some of the gore effects (such as the impalement) were achieved.

Trivia: All of the animals killed in this film were actually killed in real life. Because the film crew was in an isolated area, they did not have to contend with rules and regulations, and simply killed real animals rather than using props or effects. The director has since apologized, and has said he genuinely feels terrible about this fact.

Alan Yates: We really screwed ourselves this time, trying to, trying to stay there for the last shot. I don't even know where we are now, but I know, they... I know they, uh, followed us, and, and we lost everything trying to escape. We're screwed! We're trapped.

Chaco Losojos: In there, the more you carry, the quicker you get tired, the sooner you die.

Professor Harold Monroe: All I want to know, Mr. Chaco, is... do we have a chance of finding them alive?
Chaco Losojos: Who's to say? The only thing I know is we're gonna risk our lives to save those fuckers. Let's go see the Yacumo.

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Question: Because the camera is hand-held, it's hard to get a clear picture of what is going on from time to time. Can anyone tell me why the filmmakers had to cut the leg off of their guide, as shown in the footage?

Chosen answer: He was bitten on the foot by a poisonous spider that was hiding in his boot. They cut his leg off to stop the poison from spreading.

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