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Continuity mistake: In the last game of the season, little used receiver 88 catches a long pass and runs/falls out of bounds, stopping the clock with 11 seconds left. The clock then starts before the snap of the ball (ball is actually snapped with 1 second left). A play out of bounds should stop the clock until the ball is snapped on the next play (in this way, they should have had time for a couple of plays).

Continuity mistake: Before the last play of the game, we see a quick shot of the score board. It says that the Mustangs are on 2nd down with three yards to go. However, their last play was a long pass, probably about 70 yards, which would mean that they should be 1st and 10. (01:54:00)

Continuity mistake: The first time we see Junior's last name written on his helmet, it is written with one capital letter and the rest are small letters. But on the practice field his name on the helmet is written in all capital letters.

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Trivia: While trying to teach Willie not to be afraid of getting hit, Sean comes out in full gear wearing number 94. This was the same number The Rock wore while he played football in college for the Miami Hurricanes. (01:12:20)

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Malcolm Moore: You know you're an idiot, right?
Sean Porter: I'm making progress. I used to be an asshole.

Sean Porter: Go easy on the ref, he knows he made a bad call.

Sean Porter: Most sixteen/seventeen year old kids, they make a bad choice. Something gets broken, they screw up in class, hurt somebody's feelings, show up at the prom drunk. They get sent to the Principal office, have their car keys taken away or get grounded. Then there's kids that make a bad choice, somebody ends up shot dead in a parking lot. Those kids get sent here.

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