Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Revealing mistake: After Alice falls down the hole, into the leaves, she gets up and runs down a stone to follow the White Rabbit. As she runs down the stone, it quite visibly squashes down under he feet, revealing that it is foam.

Continuity mistake: When the White Rabbit falls into the small vegetable hutch, after seeing Alice's arm out the window, some of the slats which get broken, reappear intact, and some intact slats suddenly break between shots.

Continuity mistake: Items on the side table, and a vase of flowers from the table in the center of the room all disappear between shots, as Alice begins to grow larger inside of the White Rabbit's bedroom.

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Trivia: Hywel Bennett (Duckworth) doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the film.

Trivia: Nearly all the dialogue, even the song the White Rabbit sings in the court room at the end, is in the book. Also the sets and costumes are just like the John Tenniel illustrations in the book.

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