Village of the Giants

Revealing mistake: In the dance hall scene, you can see the wires attached to the ducks to make them move.


Continuity mistake: When one of the kids break into the laboratory, everyone else is partying in the garden. In the outside shots, it is dark, but in all the shots from inside the lab you can see through the windows that it is daylight outside.


Revealing mistake: When the girl on the motorcycle is trying to tie Mike's legs together by driving around them in circles, his legs are obviously props. This also goes for later, when he is lying on the ground and the townspeople are trying to tie him up. When his legs are in shot, they look fake, and never moves an inch.

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Trivia: This is one of the three movies directed by Bert I. Gordon to be featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000." The other two being "Earth vs. The Spider" aka. "The Spider", and "Beginning of the End."


Elsa: I'm hungry too. What's for breakfast?
Fred: Sheriff, on toast.

Elsa: Dig that nitty-gritty.

Merrie: I was big enough before.

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