Slumber Party Massacre II

Visible crew/equipment: The boom mic is visible when Sally sings her "Pie in the Sky" song and when Courtney and Sally are standing in the bathroom, before Sally's face explodes.

Continuity mistake: In the first Slumber Party Massacre, Trish has the last name Devereaux. In this movie, Courtney refers to her as Trish Craven.

Continuity mistake: After the murder with the yard sign, the killer puts the sign back into the yard, with no blood on it.

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Mr. Damnkids: Damn kids.

Sally: My face it turning into one big pimple.
Courtney: Sally, I don't see a thing.
Sally: You may not see it but its there. There's one, its just lurking below the surface.

The Driller Killer: I can't get no... satisfaction.

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