Rumor Has It

Other mistake: When Sarah is at her Aunt Mitzi's house looking at the yearbook picture of Beau Burroughs, Beau's name appears on the top of the list, yet his picture is farthest to the right in a row of pictures. Yearbooks list names with the top name being on the left, and the last name on the right.

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Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Aniston is back in her old room in her parents' house, she has a pink Magic 8-ball on her desk. The ball moves from the middle shelf to the bottom one and back again.

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Continuity mistake: Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner are at the bar after she meets "B.B." after the conference in San Francisco. As he said "I can't be your father", Kevin Costner's left hand suddenly jumps to his chin as the shot changes from a side shot to one behind him.



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