Rumor Has It

Other mistake: When Sarah is at her Aunt Mitzi's house looking at the yearbook picture of Beau Burroughs, Beau's name appears on the top of the list, yet his picture is farthest to the right in a row of pictures. Yearbooks list names with the top name being on the left, and the last name on the right.


Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Aniston is back in her old room in her parents' house, she has a pink Magic 8-ball on her desk. The ball moves from the middle shelf to the bottom one and back again.

Continuity mistake: Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner are at the bar after she meets "B.B." after the conference in San Francisco. As he said "I can't be your father", Kevin Costner's left hand suddenly jumps to his chin as the shot changes from a side shot to one behind him. (00:43:20)


Continuity mistake: When they are trying to have sex in the bathroom and Sarah sits on the wash basin, her arms alternate during shots, from being around Jeff's neck hugging and being in front of his chest.

Ronnie Bischof

Continuity mistake: While Jennifer Anniston is telling her sister about Beau, her hair changes completely between shots while her hands stay still.


Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Aniston is having a heart to heart talk with her father about her mother, they are sitting at the kitchen table with coffee mugs. Notice that the dad's coffee cup handle keeps changing from left to right during each cut.

Visible crew/equipment: When the three pull up into the driveway the first time, a boom mike is reflected at the rear of the car. (00:12:35)

Dion Marui

Continuity mistake: When Sarah is talking to her sister when she first comes back home, when Sarah's back is turned away from the camera, her hand is on her shoulder, but in the next shot, when Sarah is face front, her hand is down at her side.

Other mistake: Jennifer Aniston was in such a hurry during her taxi ride that she forgot to pay the driver. And he let her leave.

Audio problem: When Sarah tell her sister that she slept with someone who slept with their mom and grandmother, her sister says, "Dad slept with Grandma Katharine?" When she says this, we see the back of her head and you can see that her mouth doesn't match up with her words. (01:14:35)

Audio problem: During Jennifer Aniston's conversation with her grandmother, whenever the person facing away from us speaks their mouth doesn't move.


Continuity mistake: In the bathroom scene where Jennifer Aniston is taking a shower and having a comical heart to heart with Shirley McClain, just after McClain says "And, don't call me grandma" she approaches the shower and screams Kevin Costner's name. There is a quick but very noticeable change in the shower curtain/towel position as it is lifted by McClain along with a vocal shift. Quick, but it's there.


Continuity mistake: When Sarah is talking to her father in their kitchen, he brings her a cup of coffee. She puts her hands round it, he is seen asking a brief question, and when she replies the cup has moved about nine inches to her right on the table. (01:20:00)


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