Walk the Line

Factual error: Towards the beginning of the film, the Cashes receive a notice about their rent. It's the 1950's and the address has a ZIP code. ZIP codes were not introduced until 1963.

Factual error: The scene where Johnny is walking home from June's house at dusk. If you look at the phone pole as the camera pans you will see cable TV equipment which certainly wasn't around at that time.

Continuity mistake: Watch Johnny's shirt collar during the scene where he first plays for Mr. Phillips. As Johnny pleads his case the collar moves, from shot to shot, from under the guitar strap, to over, then under, and over again.

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Trivia: Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon both did their own singing for the film.

Trivia: The brief part of Waylon Jennings was played by his real life son Shooter Jennings.

Trivia: The scene at the Malco theater, where Joaquin Phoenix and the other men on the tour are sitting around drinking onstage before their matinee performance, wasn't actually filmed at the Malco theater. It was filmed in the auditorium of Memphis Hume High School. The same school that Elvis Presley attended.

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June Carter: Ya'll can't walk no line.

Johnny Cash: You got something against the Air Force, Mr. Phillips?
Sam Phillips: No...
Johnny Cash: Well, I do.

Record Company Executive: Your fans are gospel folk, Johnny. They're Christians, and they don't wanna hear you singing to a bunch of murderers and rapists, tryin' to cheer 'em up.
Johnny Cash: Then they ain't Christians.

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Question: After John's arrest in El Paso, in the following scene he's talking with Viv about the incident and denying he has a problem, even though she says everyone around him says so. She then asks about June and he says she left the tour and Viv responds with "Well that explains everything, doesn't it?" What exactly does she mean by that statement?

Chosen answer: Viv's implying he is acting the way he is cause he is upset about June leaving.


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