Continuity mistake: When Marty first brings home Shiloh and his mother asks him to hand his dirty shirt to her, as she hands him a clean one, the two exchange shirts twice. They first exchange shirts on a shot over Marty's shoulder, then they cut to over his mom's shoulder and the same exchange happens again. (00:09:15)

Mr. Preston: What else don't I know?
Marty Preston: What?
Mr. Preston: You hidin' Judd's dog and never lettin' on. What else you keepin' from me?
Marty Preston: Nothin', Dad.
Mr. Preston: Well how do I know that's not another lie?
Marty Preston: 'Cause it's not.
Mr. Preston: Oh yeah, well your sayin' so don't make it true, not now. And that's the problem with lyin'.

Mr. Preston: No, I just want you to do what's right.
Marty Preston: Well, what's right?

Marty Preston: There's gotta be a first time for everything, right?
Mr. Preston: Oh, you're right about that, boy! This is the first time you ever lied to me.

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