American Gigolo

Audio problem: In the last scene of the film, when Gere is in prison and talking to another using the telephone behind glass, we hear his voice as if via a telephone. Most of the speech is done this way then for the last line he puts the telephone down on the desk, but we can still hear his voice as if he was still using it.

Continuity mistake: When Julian Kaye is holding the legs of Leon over the balcony, Leon slips through Julian's hands and starts to fall. Leon's boots appear to come off and Julian is holding the pair of boots. In the next shot, as Leon is falling, he is wearing only the left boot, while Julian is seen holding only the right boot. In the next shot, Julian walks back into the apt. with only one boot in his hands.


Continuity mistake: When Julian Kay is tearing apart his Mercedes to look for the stolen jewels, he is seen pulling some plastic off the driver's door, in the next shot, you can still see the plastic attached to the car door.

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Michelle Stratton: How many languages do you speak?
Julian Kaye: Five or six.
Michelle Stratton: Plus the, uh, international language?
Julian Kaye: That's right.

Michelle Stratton: How much?

Charles Stratton: I know a whore when I see one. How much?

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