Continuity mistake: During the second "break fight" against Electro Rock in the club, there is a shot of Turbo wearing a grey windbreaker while Ozone is dancing. In the next shot he is putting the jacket on and when Kelly gets on the floor, the jacket is nowhere in sight.

Continuity mistake: At the dance auditions near the end, Ozone begins dancing while Turbo and Kelly begin tearing off their jackets and shirts. In the next shot they are fully clothed and not moving in the background and in the next they are starting to rip off the jackets again.

Revealing mistake: In the scene when Turbo is sweeping in front of the grocery store, he begins dancing with a broom and you can see the wires that are holding the broom up, making it seem like the broom is floating.

Lisa Barker

Turbo: You owe me seven dollars man.
Franco: For what?
Turbo: For teaching you how to dance sucker.

Judge: Next.
Ozone: Ozone! Street dancer.

Question: Does anybody know if there are non-credited cameos in this film? During the scene on the beach, where the girl meets the two dancers, I think I see a young Jean-Claude Van Damme in the crowd wearing a black spandex suit and the kid from Revenge of the Nerds holding a soccer ball.

Chosen answer: According to, the following actors were uncredited in this film: Michel Qissi, Passerby in first dance sequence - Lela Rochon, Extra in first scene - Kara Vallow, Break Dancer - Jean-Claude Van Damme, Passerby in First Dance Sequence.


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