Breakin' (1984)

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Corrected entry: During the last dance audition as Ozone starts to rip his clothes, you can see that his shirt sleeve is already torn before he rips it off.

Correction: Not a mistake; torn clothing was actually pretty common with 1980s breakdancers.


Corrected entry: the scene where Kelly leaves the dance studio to meet Ozone and Turbo she puts on a heavy coat. The story line is in California. Where it's pretty warm. Nobody else has anything thicker than a sweater. Plus they are on a beach.

Correction: California does get cool and even cold. The part where the story takes place is Los Angeles, which does get down to the 40s Fahrenheit in winter - maybe not quite cold enough for a heavy coat, but that's a character mistake, not a factual error. And what does being on a beach have to do with it? It's still cold on beaches. (And in California, the beaches are actually cooler than inland, since the currents are cool rather than warm.).

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