Stage Beauty

Factual error: Charles II appears to be teased by Nell Gwynn into changing the law where women were not permitted to act just because she wanted to be an actress. By the time when Charles II did so, more than likely he did not know Nell Gwynn existed. It was through the stage that he ever knew about her and made her his mistress.

Continuity mistake: When Ned is doing the drag act and Mariah comes to save him, one moment his hands are up, then in the very next shot he has his hands on his hips.

Continuity mistake: When Ned is using the walking stick after being beaten up, he has it in one scene and is limping, but in the next scene it is gone and he is walking normally, even though it seems to be the same day and he still has all his bruises.

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King Charles II: Balance the scales, Kynaston. Give the girls a chance.

Ned Kynaston: Right, I'll need boot black.
Sir Charles Sedley: I have boot black.
Ned Kynaston: With you?
Sir Charles Sedley: A scuff, sir, is a dreadful thing.

Nell Gwynn: Charlie boy, where's his toy? Oh, your Majesty, let me see the crown.

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