Suspect Zero

Plot hole: During the end of the film chase scene, Agent Mackelway calls Agent Kulok and gives her a vague location of where they are and asks for back up. Considering Mackelway had been kidnapped and driven out into the country, it should have taken Kulok much longer to arrive at the scene instead of the few minutes that are indicated.

Aaron Lassman

Continuity mistake: When Agents Mackelway and Charelton are driving to the scene where there is a murder victim in a car hanging at the edge of a cliff, we can see the dust trail from the car begin about 50 yards up the dirt road. With as little wind as there was in this scene, we should be able to see dust all the way up the road. Also, when they start talking with the local sheriff there is a very noticeable cloud of dust behind them, there is a brief cut away, then the dust cloud is totally gone.

Aaron Lassman

Continuity mistake: Early in the movie, agent Thomas Mackelway is presented with an FBI welcoming handbook when he first reports to his new duty. The handbook constantly moves around on his new desk for the next several shots.

Piper: Ever see a 50-foot shark?
Thomas Mackelway: I'm sorry?
Piper: A 50-foot shark. You ever seen one?
Thomas Mackelway: No.
Piper: Doesn't mean there aren't any.

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