Suspect Zero

O'Ryan (Ben Kingsley) takes Mackelway (Aaron Eckhart) to where all the missing children are buried. The kidnapper arrives in his refrigerated truck, sees them and takes off. O'Ryan and Mackelway pursue him and force his truck off the road overturning both vehicles. Agent Kulok (Carrie Ann Moss) arrives and rescues the kidnapped child from the overturned truck. Mackelway pursues the kidnapper on foot where a fist fight ensues. Mackelway gets the best of the kidnapper and beats him nearly to death. He finishes the job by smashing a rock into his skull. O'Ryan arrives and tells Mackelway to put him out of his misery and finish the job. Mackelway tells O'Ryan there is no Suspect Zero and he is a confused old man. Kulok arrives on the scene with her gun drawn. O'Ryan pleads with Mackelway to kill him but Mackelway refuses. O'Ryan then makes an aggressive move towards Mackelway and Kulok shoots him in the back. O'Ryan says that he is tired and then dies. Mackelway and Kulok stand above O'Ryan and the shot fades into a sketch drawing of them as O'Ryan had predicted.


Plot hole: During the end of the film chase scene, Agent Mackelway calls Agent Kulok and gives her a vague location of where they are and asks for back up. Considering Mackelway had been kidnapped and driven out into the country, it should have taken Kulok much longer to arrive at the scene instead of the few minutes that are indicated.

Aaron Lassman

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Piper: Ever see a 50-foot shark?
Thomas Mackelway: I'm sorry?
Piper: A 50-foot shark. You ever seen one?
Thomas Mackelway: No.
Piper: Doesn't mean there aren't any.

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