The Triplets of Belleville

Continuity mistake: When Champion receives the dog, the alignment of the box changes after the first shot. (00:05:10)

Continuity mistake: In the hamburger scene, the cucumber slice on the hamburger appears and disappears between subsequent shots. (00:36:05)

Continuity mistake: When the fake service vehicle is unmounted by the Mafioso, there is a sign on the bright truck on the bottom of the side. When it's shown from a different angle some shots later, the sign apparently moved and is placed in the middle. (00:21:30)

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Trivia: Chapter 17: At home with the Triplets. After entering the apartment building, the Triplets, Madame Souza, and Bruno climb multiple flights of stairs. On their right, they pass a bathroom with an open door with flies swarming about, taking off then landing again on the contents of an unflushed toilet. If you glance at the turd in the bowl, you will see that it is in the shape of a most famous mouse. (00:41:15)

Question: Does anyone know what music is playing while the old lady crosses the ocean with the dog?

Answer: The music heard on the soundtrack as Mme. Souza and Bruno follow the ocean liner is from the opening movement (Kyrie) of Mozart's Mass in C minor.

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